Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Well this is what I look like now... Not too sure why I have been left in the garden.. I'm definitely past my prime.. Still the birds have had a peck or two..

My leaves all withered and dry.

Leek going to flower.. looking beautiful...

Silverbeet catching the sun this morning... wouldn't let me get past.

My salad bar.

plus herbs, oregano and parsley..

The pumpkin bed as it looked after I'd removed the frost bitten and infested pumpkin leaves.

A couple of beauties seen through the dross.

Frost damaged.

Made Steve take some photos of me. Looking gorgeous in amongst the mess.

Steve managed to take a couple just like this, my face a dead sunflower.

In action.

The beret had to be fixed, sliding down the face.

More action.

Well a nice haul of spuds which I knew were hiding in the pumpkin bed.

So this is the end result so far. But loads more work to do..