Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Front and Back yards.

....... .......

This has now become my favorite indigenous plant. A spreading everlasting daisy whose name escapes me at the moment..not flowering yet. Chrysocephalum apiculatum. had to look it up..The blue green of the leaves are so beautiful..

Front yard indigenous garden.. This has now been going for the last two years. Started off much smaller and I have kept enlarging it very incrementally.. Also totally water wise.. Only watered when planting out..Roz helped me get the mulch a number of times from the railway yard where a lot of it is left to rot..The branches keep appearing.. The large pine cone belongs to Steve.. I am so proud of this little patch... Stays in my consciousness a lot...

Worked up a sweat today weeding this patch in the backyard.. Indigenous plants rescued from weeds..Ugly bricks etc... but give me time...give me time...

More to be sweated over.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Native Pond in an old pasta making bowl. Azolla plus Nardoo. Azolla came from Organ Pipes Park.

Salad bar still going strong... But who wants to eat salad at this time of year...brrrr...

Chinese cabbage with crocheted lacework. Have been out at night with the flash working torch to discuss the situation with the slimy crafters but they say it's their inalienable right to exist, and fortunately for them it's too cold to go out every night.. Sooo they win..

There's a cauliflower in there.. This could be a song..

Beautiful beautiful Broccoli. I'll probably just keep looking at it...well it is a flower head composed of loads of florets. I do not know of any rule that says you have to eat it.

But very nice though just lightly cooked then refreshed in cold water so it stays a vibrant green. Then a slosh of sesame oil and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Maybe a hint of garlic..Never did like broccoli much till Rebecca cooked some at NCGardens..

Well Gaby there it is " Winter in Melbourne is cold and I'm growing ooolder"...(song)